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Polar King Walk-in Freezers & Walk-in Coolers

Polar King is one of the leading manufactures in walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers. Polar King Coolers are the perfect solution for restaurants looking for walk-in freezers and walk-in coolers.

Polar King Walk-in coolers cools food product to ensure that your food stays safe and fresh. The reason is because cold preserves food and bacteria are present in most foods. Since bacteria are present in most food, spoiling food can happen very easily if exposed to warm temperatures for a long period of time. Polar King Cold or low temperature from their walk-in coolers slows the growth of these bacteria and foods to make sure the food doesn't spoil as fast. Slowing the movement or cooling the molecules tends to make all organisms more sluggish.

Spoiling of food is actually the growth of bacteria. If the bacteria can be kept from increasing, the food will remain edible longer. Since most foods contain a considerable amount of water, the food must be kept slightly above freezing temperatures.

If food is frozen slowly, at or near the freezing point of water, the ice crystals formed are large and their growth breaks down the food tissues. When such food melts or defrosts, it spoils rapidly and its appearance and taste are ruined.

Polar king Walk-in freezers can freeze at very low temperatures. Fast freezing at very low temperatures, 0° to -15° F, forms small crystals which do not injure the food tissues. It is well to keep in mind the difference between refrigerating and freezing. Further, the standard walk-in cooler is designed to maintain the temperature of the product at 35° F, providing the temperature of the product is within 10° F of this temperature. If the product to be maintained is continually at a higher temperature, additional refrigeration system capacity will probably be required. The same parameters hold true for freezers.

To insure you have adequate refrigeration capacity, be sure to provide your sales consultant with as much information as possible about how you intend to use your cooler and/or freezer.

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