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Certain Stars

Becoming a complete four-piece in 2004, Certain Stars has amazed audiences with their energetic and fun live show. Indie rock posers beware, these guys care too much about the music to play a part. Their love of playing is instantly noticeable as two guitars interplay over a rock-solid rhythm section.

Website features include:
  • Full Content Management:
    Certain Stars can login and manage the site content of each page using customized admin tools, including a scheduling system for dates and details of upcoming shows
  • Innovative Logo Navigation:
    One-of-a-kind navigation system uses their star logo as the main point for the animated site menu
  • Unified PHP Site Framework:
    Provides common navigation and allows for instant site-wide layout changes
  • Guestbook Functionality:
    Visitors can sign the guestbook online, sending the requests to a queue for Certain Stars to check and approve to ensure nothing inappropriate goes live on the site.
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