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Almond Garten

The Almond Garten makes and sells almonds, pecans and cashews that are coated with a glaze of cinnamon, sugar, vanilla and water. During the roasting in their authentic German copper kettles, a delicious aroma attracts the attention of festival goers and event attendees.

Website features include:
  • E-Commerce Enabled:
    Customers can browse items, add to their shopping cart, and securely pay online using any major credit card.
  • Full E-Commerce Management:
    Allows Almond Garten to login and manage all order and customer information using customized web tools.
  • Site Administration Functionality
    Almond Garten can login using a username and password to manage site content, including categories, sub categories, calendar events, and store items.
  • Unified PHP Site Framework:
    Provides common navigation and allows for instant site-wide layout changes
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