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Bishop Dwenger High School

Bishop Dwenger, a Diocesan Catholic high school, is founded on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. As an extension of the family and the Church, they provide for all students a safe and loving environment that promotes the development of Christian values, intellectual growth, respect for the individual, social awareness and the opportunity to develop one’s gifts.

Website features include:
  • Flash navigation header with dynamic animation
  • Alumni Active Directory:
    Allows Bishop Dwenger Alumni to signup and access alumni section functionality including:
    • Update Contact Information
    • Update Personal Profile
    • Submit Class News
  • Student Voting Applications:
    Bishop Dwenger students can login and vote for any type of election created by administrators (see below), such as:
    • Prom Court
    • Homecoming Court
    • Stduent Council Elections
    • Policy Changes
    • etc...
  • Student Life Management:
    Bishop Dwenger student group moderators can access administration functionality including:
    • Update Contact Information
    • Update Group Information and News
    • Update Uername and Password
  • Site Administration Functionality
    Bishop Dwenger can login using a username and password to manage site content, including:
    • Teacher Resources
    • News & Events, including selections for home page display
    • Full Alumni section control including:
      • Update Alumni Contact Information
      • Update Alumni Personal Profiles
      • Manage Class News
      • Manage Lost Alumni list
      • Manage Class Reunions
      • Manage Class Homepages and contact information
    • Full Student Life section control including:
      • Add, Edit, and Delete Moderators
      • Attach moderators to student groups
      • Manage moderator permissions
      • Add, Edit, and Delete student groups
    • Full Voting Application control including:
      • Add, Edit, and Delete Elections
      • Manage election positions
      • Manage student database
      • Attach groups of students or individual students as candidates for positions
      • Determine election permissions (which students can vote)
      • Review full-election reporting statistics
  • Unified PHP Site Framework:
    Provides common navigation and allows for instant site-wide layout changes
  • Contact Us Form Functionality:
    Visitors submit an online form that automatically emails Bishop Dwenger.
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